Deirdre McNamer, Red Rover, My Russian, One Sweet Quarrel, Rima in the Weeds

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    RIMA IN THE WEEDS by Deirdre McNamer

Deirdre McNamer writes with a slow-burning brilliance.  —Barbara Kingsolver 

A sweet and violent drama, wonderfully told, from the high plains of Montana.   Ian Frazier 

Rima in the Weeds is a classic novel of small town life—of growing up, going away, coming home; of love and betrayal; of life and death. This is a story that could be true, brilliantly presented. Deirdre McNamer is a gifted writer who makes her debut a masterful one.
James Welch 

Deirdre McNamer has a talent as big and gorgeous and daunting as the Montana prairie. She has a sharp eye, a perfect pitch, and a compassionate vision. She has the true storyteller’s gift for making an invented world dance and sing.  —Stephanie Vaughn 

There are many stories in this splendid novel—some told, some left unfinished, some told twice. Nothing that happens is quite what you’d expect, just as no one is quite what they seem on the surface. Everything packs a secret punch.  Carole Anshaw in the Chicago Tribune