Deirdre McNamer, Red Rover, My Russian, One Sweet Quarrel, Rima in the Weeds

  by Deirdre McNamer

An engaging and propulsive read that stirs profound emotions.
—Alice Munro

Ms. McNamer’s novel is vividly observed and original (actually entirely engrossing) in its conception. . . This is `the novel as storytelling,’ and it is of a very high order. —Richard Ford

Red Rover possesses such range and immediacy that I wondered how in a novel this length McNamer managed to have them both without sacrificing the very moving and humane story she tells. Amazingly, not a stitch is dropped in this remarkable book.  —Tom McGuane

Red Rover is wonderful for the tenderness and clear-eyed emotional intelligence with which it renders the heartbreak of beautiful young lives wrecked by the great grinding machinery of governments going about their business.  —Jim Shepard

A rare and considerable achievement. Stunning actually.
—Jim Harrison