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ONE SWEET QUARREL  by Deirdre McNamer

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One Sweet Quarrel has been reissued as a selection of Nancy Pearl's Book Lust Rediscoveries series from Amazon


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A work of extraordinary beauty. . . . [McNamer’s] understanding of human nature and her ability to convey it to readers makes her one of the more remarkable writers of our times.  —Milwaukee Journal 

This evocative tale, at once both broadly historical and deeply personal, undermines pioneer myths just as deftly as it examines the shattering of these pioneers’ dreams.

—San Francisco Review of Books 

Marvelous prose. . . . Ms. McNamer’s book is full of it, and full too of an unwavering commitment to, and wonder at, humanity. Add to those its grand story, its fine sense of irony and humor, its emotional accuracy, and One Sweet Quarrel becomes one sweet—and unforgettable—novel.   —New York Times Book Review 

McNamer establishes herself as a first-rate writer—funny, rueful, poignant.  —Arizona Daily Star