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My Russian  by Deirdre McNamer


My Russian is about the mutability of identity and the shifting forces, internal and external, that determine the stories we choose to call our lives. It’s a riveting novel, written with grace and assurance. Serious readers should read this book.
—Ann Beattie

Sometimes a book and a writer meet up in some holy time and place and make a great match. My Russian is the result of such an encounter, a wonderfully bold and edgy novel, fired up from first page to last. —Beverly Lowry

An impassioned, tautly constructed, beautifully written novel about one woman’s commitments and choices. —Newsday

McNamer’s book has blood coursing through its veins. . . . Remarkably tender . . . . Carefully wrought.  —

McNamer writes with extraordinary emotional acuity and with a keen sense of the small detail that says it all. . . . Quietly devastating. —Chicago Tribune

Beautifully written and observed on every page and in every sentence, suspenseful, taut, and true. —The Boston Globe